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Wet Brush Head start exfoliating scalp massager

Wet Brush Head start exfoliating scalp massager

Palm size scalp massaging brush.

Varied silicone tip lengths for large and small scale massaging and styling.

Round design snugly fits in palm for better pressure and control.

Gentle tips prevent hair breakage, tangling and tugging.

Tips are antimicrobial and are easy to clean. Use flip ring to hang brush to dry. Can be used on wet or dry hair.

Combine with shampoo , masks, treatment and oil for instant delivery to the roots. Improves blood circulation, smoothes scalp issues, exfoliates and detoxifies the scalp, removes sebum and product build up and improves hair growth. Also perfect for an instant volume boost.

How to use

Remove silicone cap and fill up to 50 ml shampoo, treatment or oil.

Close the cap and position on hair.

Press top button to dispense product on hair hold brush and gently press tips to scalp with desired pressure massaging and circular motion.

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